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Terms and Conditions of Service

There will be no call out charge to any property within a 10 mile radius of Hastings, East Sussex. (Calls outside of this area are subject to 10.00 callout charge.) Seniko Services Ltd. reserve the right to charge a 10.00 callout charge to a return visit to any customer who was not at home at the time of an agreed visit. 

Estimates.  An estimate of the total repair charge will be given before work commences. A 20 estimate fee will be payable if the diagnosis takes longer than 10 minutes, should you decide not to have your appliance repaired due to the cost of the spares. The estimate fee will be refunded should you decide to continue with the repair at a later date. Where possible, the engineer will attempt to leave your appliance in the condition found.  However, some diagnostic strip down may be irreversible.  

Labour. Labour will be charged at 47.00 (40 plus VAT)  for the first 60 minutes plus 10 for each additional 30 minutes or part thereof.

Second appliance labour charge.  A set labour charge of 25.00 (Plus VAT) will normally be charged to repair a second appliance at the same property during the same visit.

Built in appliances.  Labour will be charged at 58.75 (50 plus VAT).  NB.  This charge is applicable even if you decide not to go ahead with the repair following diagnosis.

Spare Parts.  All spare parts used will be charged for at list price plus VAT at 17.5%

Testing.  All appliances will be fully tested for soundness and electrical safety on completion of the repair. 

Payment.  The full cost of the repair is payable on completion of the work done.  (In the event of a return visit being required to complete the repair, the labour charge, plus the cost of any parts already used, must be paid on the first visit if the machine is left in a working condition.)
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or debit card. Cheques must be accompanied by a valid bankers card and made payable to Seniko Services Ltd.

Guarantee.  All repairs are guaranteed for twelve months in respect of the work done.

Insurance.  Every effort will be taken to protect property, however Seniko Services Ltd is fully insured against accidental damage to your property.

VAT. All invoices will include VAT at the current rate (17.5%)

Thank you for choosing Seniko Services Ltd