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The following prices should be used as a guide only.  The actual cost of your repair may alter slightly and you will be quoted the actual cost prior to the repair being carried out. 
Please note that a 20.00 estimate fee may be charged, should you decide not to continue with a repair following diagnosis.

No call out charge... Labour will be charged at 47.00 (40 plus VAT)  for the majority of repairs. 
(Built in appliances from 58.75)

Estimated prices include parts, labour VAT and full safety test:

Hotpoint Washing Machines and Washer Dryers: 

Door Seal  68.00
Motor Brushes 56.00
Door Hinge 50.00
Bearings (including Drum Support and Seal) Washing Machine: from 82.00
Washer Dryer: from 90.00
Drain Pump 72.00
Fill Valve 65.00


Drain Pump From 76.00
Clear Float Chamber From 47.00

 Tumble Dryers:

Thermostat From 61.00
Element From 68.00
Belt From 56.50

All prices include parts and labour. VAT at 17.5% is included in the price. All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months in respect of the work done

Thank you for choosing Seniko Services Ltd.